This page contains some examples of our work for Gill & Macmillan.

Gill & Macmillan are Ireland’s leading publisher of university & college, further education, school and general interest non-fiction books. In 1856 Michael Henry Gill purchased the publishing and bookselling business of James McGlashan and formed the company of McGlashan & Gill. In 1968 Gill & Macmillan was established as a result of an association with Macmillan of London which in turn had been founded in 1843.  Today, Gill & Macmillan publishes a wide range of books and materials for different markets and readerships. Their website can be found here.

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Effective Communication 3rd Edition
Nicholas Harvey
ISBN 9780717147564
Gill & Macmillan

Introduces cutting edge group facilitation methods such as Open Space Technology and World Café, consensus as a method of decision making at meetings, non-violent communication methods in the section on Interpersonal Communication, mass communication including recent changes to Irish defamation laws and more. Each chapter contains activities and points of discussion to encourage participation in the classroom and lists additional web resources for further study and exploration. Written for Communications Modules at FETAC levels 5. Also suitable for courses in which there is a communications element at FETAC level 4

Contract Cases and Materials
Robert Clark and Blanaid Clarke
ISBN: 9780717143788
Gill & Macmillan

New cases from the Irish, British and Commonwealth judicial systems will bring the reader up to date with key decisions handed down up to February 2008. Introduces legislative developments on company law, consumer protection and conveyancing law reform; areas that will impact on some basic contract rules. Reviews the progress made on the European Commission’s Action Plan and Common Frame of Reference Programme. Suitable for university students and those taking Bar and Law Society examinations.

J'ecoute ! Je Lis !
Alex O'Dwyer
ISBN: 9780717139958
Gill & Macmillan

Includes 20 theme-based, graded chapters suitable for both higher and ordinary level students. Employs various modes of exam-style questioning - multiple-choice questions, direct questions, grids, fill-in blanks and true or false questions. A student's CD containing aural passages is included with the book.

Dagmar Fischer
ISBN: 0-7171-2801-6   
Gill & Macmillan

Suitable for 3rd level students. Combines textbook, workbook and short grammar. Chapters are self-contained with a progression in the complexity of materials and of grammar points. Dagmar Fischer is a lecturer of German for Business at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Applied Social Care
Perry Share and Kevin Lalor, editors
ISBN: 9780717143764
Gill & Macmillan

A comprehensive introduction to all key study areas within Applied Social Care: The Field of Social Care; Theoretical Approaches; Practice Issues; Social Care
and Specific Population Groups. Suitable for students of Social Care/Applied Social Studies at FETAC and Degree level. Accompanied by a lecturers’ website containing teaching slides for every chapter.

Text Production with Microsoft Word
Geoffrey Foy
ISBN: 9780717145775
Gill & Macmillan

Contains full keyboarding and speed development sections. Contains samples of work in Irish, French and German. Suitable for the following courses: - FETAC Levels 5 & 6 in Word Processing - FETAC Level 5 in Text Production - OCR (Oxford Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts Examinations) Word Processing Levels 1, 2 and 3 - City & Guilds Word Processing Techniques – Essential Level, Advanced Level and Professional Level - Third-level examinations in Word Processing.

A Dictionary of Hiberno-English
Terence Patrick Dolan
ISBN: 9780717140398
Gill & Macmillan

Drawing on the resources of a recently-established Hiberno-English website hosted by University College Dublin, this new edition of A Dictionary of Hiberno-English has been extensively revised and updated.

Allons en France 2
Lennart Reichenbach
ISBN: 9780717135141
Gill & Macmillan

Book 2 continues the same logical progression through the course and prepares both Ordinary and Higher Level students thoroughly for the exam. Adopts an integrated approach to all four language skills. Includes grammar reference and practice.

Teanga Bheo 2
Máire Ní Chéilleachair
ISBN: 9780717138494
Gill & Macmillan

The Teanga Bheo 2 textbook is accompanied by a workbook with exercises in Listening Comprehension (Cluastuiscint). Questions in Teanga Bheo 2 are similar to those in the examination. Teanga Bheo 2 includes free CDs with the recordings for the Cluastuiscint exercises

Nouveaux Montages
Joan Dobbyn and Donal Farrell
ISBN: 9780717137114
Gill & Macmillan

Tailored to the Leaving Certificate French course. Suitable for classes where Higher and Ordinary Level students are taught together. Features an accessible structure with exam questions integrated throughout. Reflects the format of the Higher Level exam paper. Comprehension passages divided into class length units, with plenty of exam-style and other exercises. Grammar section at the back of the book