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Building the Global Market
Edward J. Swan
ISBN: 9789041197597
Kluwer Law International

This unique new work examines the 4000 year history of derivative contracts, their assignability and the regulation of derivatives markets from ancient Mesopotamia to the present day. The author concludes with an analysis of future regulatory prospects and of the implications of the historical data for derivatives trade and regulation. Building the Global Market will be of great value to the legal profession, derivatives market regulators and all those with an interest in the history and regulation of financial services market

Environmental Law in Europe
N. S. J. Koeman
ISBN: 9789041197399
Kluwer Law International

This work opens with an overview of environmental policy and legal procedures in the European Union, and goes on to examine the environmental system in each of the member states. It also covers general environmental legislative and regulatory systems of each country.

The Rule of Law in the European Constitution
Marian Luisa Fernandez Estaban
ISBN: 9789041197351
Kluwer Law International

The European Court of Justice once stated that the European Community is governed by the rule of law inasmuch as member states, Community institutions and individuals are bound to the basic constitutional charter, the Treaty. The purpose of this book is to answer the question whether this statement is still valid for the European Union, and to analyse which features best define the rule of law at the European level. In order to define the principle of the rule of law at the European level, this book undertakes a comparative analysis of what the principle means in different legal systems. An analysis is also made of the implications for national legal orders, specifically for judges. The conclusion reached as a result of the research undertaken for this book is the co-existence of two visions of the rule of law within national legal orders: the traditional view of each legal order by itself, and the new vision of the principle as defined by the Court of Justice. This legal phenomenon involves what is defined as `the paradox of the two paradigms of law', which determines a share of concepts, tools and remedies amongst legal systems.

National Constitutions in the Era of Integration
Antero Jyränki
ISBN: 9789041196965
Kluwer Law International

National Constitutions in the Era of Integration covers a number of diverse nation-state constitutional approaches to the phenomenon of integration and various integration processes in the contemporary world. Topics of particular focus include: the formation of supranational and federal structures; the relationship and differences between these two kinds of structures and a possible conflict between them; and the problems of European integration. The International Association of Constitutional Law organised a Round Table Conference in Turku, Finland in May 1997 on the theme of this book. The contributions comprise the updated papers delivered at the Turku Round Table. Its wholly unique look at the subject of integration, its broad range of contributors, and its thematic core make National Constitutions in the Era of Integration an important and informative work for scholars and teachers of constitutional law, national legislators and government officials, and European Union bureaucrats.