We can provide the services needed to cover most aspects of contemporary publishing.

Since 1994 we have provided high-quality typesetting to established non-fiction publishers as well as to self-publishing authors. We design and typeset many different types of material, from multi-lingual textbooks and first-time novels to product brochures. See some of our samples here.

Book design, typography and page-layout

We follow good design principles. From the selection of the type by font, point size, leading and tracking etc, through the arrangement of all the elements on a page, to incorporating  and integrating all the various components of the book, we can provide a clear, coherent and attractive whole book.

ebooks present additional challenges. For example, re-flow, pagination and the number of different e-formats all  impose extra design considerations on layout, indexing, graphic-to-text anchoring etc. Existing works can be converted straight to ebook formats, just like a print book. Or the existing work could be enhanced with hyperlinks, animation, video and audio content etc.  Publishing straight to e-book is a highly cost-effective way of entering the market.

Good looking graphics and images are vital to both the professional look of a book, and to the clarity of its presentation. We undertake all sorts of graphic work: repro, graph and table origination, photo damage, masking and colour correction etc.  For complex origination and animation we can sub-contract to specialist companies.

When publishing traditional print books or brochures, the quality and reliability of the print and the binding is critical. We have long-established relationships with many printers, both independent and through the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF), from offset litho to digital print.

We can help authors who wish to self-publish their work at any or all of the very many stages of getting a finished book onto the market.

Other services
Apart from design, graphics, layout and setting, we can either supply, or find and sub-contract, copy-editing, translation, XML, printing, proofing, web-design etc.